‘Family, Fun and Fitness’ is our motto

The South Coast Athletics Centre (SCAC) believes the whole family can be involved and is actively encouraged to do so…

So, come out and have a go!


Season Starts

15 October 2021 – 8 April 2022
Competition: Every Friday, 4:30pm for a 4:45pm start.

Age Groups

Tiny Tots – Open.


Sprints, hurdles, middle distance running, race walking, high jump, long jump, triple jump, discus, shot put and javelin/vortex.


A barbecue, kindly run by volunteers is available every Friday evening.


Welcome to South Coast Athletics

Registrations for the 2021/22 season are now open. You must register via the www.salaa.org.au website.

On the SALAA website homepage go to ‘Register Now’, insert postcode ‘5211’ and then select ‘South Coast LAC’. If you have any problems please let us know.

South Coast Athletics Centre (SCAC) encourages people of all ages, regardless of ability, to strive to achieve their best in a full range of athletic events.

Tiny Tots, ages 3 to 5, are also encouraged to join in a special fun/games/skills based program.

The emphasis is on fun, fitness and improvement. All events use equipment specifically designed to be appropriate to the size and ability of the athlete as sanctioned by SALAA and ASA.

Competition events

  • Running – sprints, middle distance and long distance
  • Hurdles
  • Jumps – long jump, triple jump and high jump
  • Throws – discus, shot put, javelin and vortex
  • Walk

It is safe, fun and develops all round fitness.

All track and field events are timed/measured (except for Tiny Tots).  At the end of each meet the results are uploaded to Results HQ  where athletes can access their results with a unique username and password. The focus is on athletes striving to achieve their “personal bests” each week (i.e. winning in not important, but learning/trying your best and “beating yourself” is).

Athletics not only contributes to the development of foundation skills in running, jumping and throwing that will stand children in good stead throughout their life—it also teaches discipline, respect and teamwork.  These skills can take you right through to the Master’s Level, with older athletes offered the opportunity for competition at Adelaide Athletics Stadium with ASA.


When do South Coast Athletics hold competition meets?

  • South Coast Athletics meets on a Friday afternoon from 4.45pm.
  • Where: Victor R-7 School Oval, The Parkway, Victor Harbor.
  • Finishing times vary but are generally:
    • 5.45pm for Tiny Tots,
    • 6.15pm for U6 – U8, and
    • 6.45pm for U9 – Open.
  • Athletes are requested to arrive at 4.30pm for a warm up prior to a 4.45pm start.
  • A BBQ is offered at the end of the meets.
  • The summer season runs from October to March.
  • You can download the Season Planner for 2021/22 HERE.
  • You can download the locations of track and field events for 2021/22 HERE.


Coaching and training

Wednesday’s 4.45-6.30pm (October to March)
Training is optional, but recommended.

For more information

Email president@southcoastlittleaths.org.au or Call 0400 884 854 (after 5pm) or visit our Facebook page